Memorable - Grace Hartley and Jenny Delugo

A flirty dinner for two escalates quickly into a full-blown make out session. Soon the girls have helped each other out of their clothes. Grace lays on the table, becoming the feast as Jenna buries her face in the creamy sweetness between her legs.

Eat You Up - Whitney and Xenia

Shared chocolates take on a sensual overtone as the girls share the sweets and kisses. Whitney is soon sampling the real sweets, Xenia's small breasts. The two eagerly discard the candies for the tasty meals between each other's legs.

For Your Love - Noleta and Sicilia

These Russian hotties can't keep their mouths and hands off of each other as they enjoy the warmth of the sun. Taking things inside, they strip down and fall into bed, succumbing to the intensity of their desires.

Exposed - Denisa Heaven and Grace Hartley

Standing outdoors wearing nothing but panties, Denisa and Grace exchange kisses as their hands wonder over each other's slender bodies. With pleasure on their minds nothing will stop these two from pleasing each other.

Friends with Benefits - Cayla and Mindy

Bent on seduction, Mindy approaches her friend Cayla from behind and gives her a lingering kiss. Within moments Cayla finds herself stripped down to just her panties in bed so that Mindy can cover her back in massage oil.